Year: 2005 Source: Journal of Neural Transmission, v.112, no.7, (July 2005), p.949-954 SIEC No: 20100935

This study compared opioid receptor binding kinetics in postmortem brains of 9 young suicide victims & 10 matched controls in 2 brain areas, the prefrontal cortex & the pre-post central gyri. Binding indices did not differ between suicide victims & controls in either brain area & did not correlate with age. Prefrontal cortex Bmax was higher than pre-post central gyri Bmax for the combined sample. The Kd in the suicide victims was lower than controls in the prefrontal cortex & higher than controls in the pre-post central gyri. Results demonstrated more mu-opioid receptors in prefrontal cortex compared to pre-post central gyri binding regardless of suicide status. (14 refs.) JA