Year: 2010 Source: Journal of Psychopharmacology, v.24, no.11, suppl.4, (November 2010), p.81-90 SIEC No: 20100929

The authors did a systematic review of all original studies concerning suicide in schizophrenia published since 2004. 51 studies met inclusion criteria & were ranked by standardized quality criteria. Consensus on the lifetime risk of suicide was a rate of approximately 5%. Risk factors with a strong association with later suicide included being young, male, & with a high level of education. Illness-related risk factors were important predictors, with number of prior suicide attempts, depressive symptoms, active hallucinations & delusions, & the presence of insight all having a strong evidential basis. A family history of suicide & comorbid substance use were also positively associated with later suicide. The only consistent protective factor for suicide was delivery of & adherence to effective treatment. (63 refs.) JA