Year: 1995 Source: Journal of Child and Family Studies, v.4, no.4, (December 1995), p.429-443 SIEC No: 20100926

This study replicated an investigation of risk behaviours associated with suicidal behaviour in public high schools students in a population of high school age youth with severe emotional disturbance. 83 clients of the South Carolina Continuum of Care made up the sample. 4% of the youth reported seriously considering suicide, 8% reported planning how they would attempt suicide, 10% reported attempting suicide at least once, & 6% reported attempts requiring medical treatment. Of the 13 youth who reported attempted suicide, 4 did not report planning an attempt. All suicidal behaviours except thoughts occurred more in girls than boys, Alcohol & illicit drug use were associated with suicidal behaviour, with larger odds ratios for attempts than for thoughts/plans. (26 refs.) JA