Year: 2009 Source: Iranian Journal of Psychiatry, v.4, no.3, (2009), p.92-96 SIEC No: 20100909

A cross-sectional study assessed the prevalence of suicide ideation, attempts, & associated factors in Mahan & Bardsir cities, Iran. 860 subjects, age 15 & older, were selected as the non-attempter group & 58 hospital cases admitted due to suicide attempts were selected as the attempter group. The prevalence of suicide ideation was 10% in total: 48.3% in the attempters group & 7.33% in the non-attempters group. Being female, young, single, more educated & less religious, living in urban areas, opium use, & having somatic complaints & other psychiatric problems were associated with suicide attempts. (16 refs.) JA