Year: 2009 Source: European Archives of Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience, v.259, no.4, (June 2009), p.234-238 SIEC No: 20100894

This study analyzed promoter polymorphism -1019C>G in 323 suicide victims & 190 controls, all of Slovenian origin. Differences in the distributions of genotype & allele frequences were not statistically significant between suicide victims & controls, & the same was found for distributions according to gender & suicide method. For 62 suicide victims information about stressful life events in the month prior to suicide was provided. More stressful life events were reported for the subgroup with CC genotype in comparison to the subgroup with CG/GG genotypes. However, the subgroups did not differ regarding the number of reported stressful life events in childhood. (25 refs.) JA