Year: 2010 Source: European Archives of Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience, v.260, no.5, (August 2010), p.393-400 SIEC No: 20100874

This study analyzed the association of gender with seasonality in suicide attempts by persons living in 2 northern Bavarian regions between 2000-2004. The sample consisted of 2269 attempters (882 males & 1387 females). Overall distribution of attempts different significantly between seasons for women but not for men. Females showed a trough in the spring that was restricted to low-risk suicide attempts. No seasonality was found for men. Seasonality of high-risk methods was more pronounced than that of low-risk methods; however, no significant gender differences were found concerning this aspect. Sub-types of suicidal acts showed seasonality for neither gender. (50 refs.) JA