Year: 2010 Source: European Archives of Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience, v.260, no.5, (August 2010), p.410406 SIEC No: 20100871

During an intense 4-level community-based intervention program in Nuremberg in 2001-2002, the number of suicidal acts (attempts & deaths) dropped significantly, a significant effect compared with the baseline year & the control region of Wuerzburg. To assess the sustainability of the intervention effects, the number of suicidal acts was assessed in 2003, after the termination of the 2-year intervention. In 2003, the reduction in suicidal acts compared with the baseline year in Nuremberg was significantly larger than that in the control region. The reduction was even numerically larger than that of the intervention years. The 4-level intervention concept appears to be cost-effective & is presently implemented in many European regions. (29 refs.) JA