Year: 2009 Source: Behavior Research and Therapy, v.47, no.9, (September 2009), p.803-808 SIEC No: 20100834

This study investigated the circumstances under which reflective rumination might be asociated with increased suicide ideation by examining whether a suicide attempt history modified the relationship between the ruminative subtypes & current suicide ideation. 37 young adults who reported a past suicide attempt & 59 young adults without such a history completed measures of rumination & depression symptoms in an initial study session. They then completed a measure of suicide ideation & hopelessness during a second study session. Brooding was associated with higher self-reported suicide ideation, whereas reflection was not significantly associated with ideation. However, reflection, but not brooding, interacted with suicide attempt history to statistically predict suicide ideation, even after adjusting for symptoms of depression & hopelessness. (48 refs.) JA