Year: 2010 Source: Archives of Suicide Research, v.14, no.3, (2010), p.284-290 SIEC No: 20100819

Apart from the usual years-of-life lost (YLL) method, the authors propose an alternative method, a life table approach to assess the impact of suicide & compared it with the years-of-life lost approach from 1986-2006 in Hong Kong. The life-table approach is to assess the impact at a population level. It shows that the impact of suicides increased from 0.52% (0.30 years) to 0.62% (0.38 years) of life span for males aged 18 while the same figure for females kept at 0.4% (0.30 years) of lifespan over the period. A comparison with the years-of-life lost approach & some discussion are also given. (22 refs.) JA