Year: 2010 Source: Archives of Suicide Research, v.14, no.3, (2010), p.222-235 SIEC No: 20100813

The cultural validity of the College Student Reasons for Living Inventory was examined with a sample of 314 Asian American college students. Although results did not completely replicate the 6-factor structure as identified by Westefeld et al (1992), partial support was found. The content of the 5 factors that emerged corresponded to 5 of the original scales. The current factor solution accounted for 50.25% of common variances & demonstrated moderate to high coefficient alphas. Validity of the subscales was supported through significant negative relations with measures of depression & hopelessness. The subscales accounted for 8% of the variance in suicidal behaviour above & beyond that accounted for by the risk factors of depression & hopelessness alone. (34 refs.) JA