Year: 2010 Source: BMC Psychiatry, v.10, article no.24, (2010). 10pp. SIEC No: 20100742

This study compared the change in clinical parameters & resource utilization at 1 month in a group of 496 Canadian patients requiring treatment intervention for exacerbation of mania. The clinical response at 1 year was also evaluated. Patients were divided into the Olanzapine cohort, 287 patients, & the Other cohort, 209 patients who had a medication other than olanzapine added or the dose adjusted. No significant differences were detected in health-related quality-of-life measures, employment status, drug abuse/dependency, number of suicide attempts, mental functioning, emergency room visits or inpatient psychiatric hospitalizations. In a subgroup treated for 12 months with a single second generation antipsychotic, improvements in illness severity measures were maintained with no evidence of significant differences among the antipsychotics. (23 refs.) JA