Year: 2004 Source: East African Medical Journal, v.81, no.4, (April 2004), p.207-211 SIEC No: 20100715

A descriptive prospective study of suicide occurring in urban Dar es Salaam was conducted. 53 male & 47 female suicides, ages 15-19 years, were studied. The mean age of victims was 28.2 years. 62% of subjects were single. The main reasons for suicide, established from 61 cases, were severe marital & family conflicts, overwhelming disappointments in love affairs, & unwanted pregnancies. 11 people died due to unbearable pain associated with physical illness & another 10 subjects died because of overwhelming economic deprivation. Patients with chronic illness & frequent alcohol use need effective study regarding suicide ideation. A policy to control prescriptions of toxic drugs, including pesticides, is overdue. (24 refs.) JA