Year: 2009 Source: Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, v.70, no.1, (January 2009), p.19-24 SIEC No: 20100693

This study investigated suicide attempters’ reports on the length of time between consideration & accomplishment of a suicide attempt. 82 patients referred to a psychiatric university hospital were approached within 3 days after their attempt. Data were collected from July 2004-December 2005. Nearly half of the patients reported the period between the first current thought of suicide & the actual attempt had lasted 10 minutes or less. Those patients in which this process had taken longer showed higher suicidal intent. Impulsivity was not associated with the duration of the suicidal process. In a considerable number of cases, there was at least some readiness for interpersonal contact with significant others but professional helpers appeared to have limited potential for intervention during this phase. (40 refs.) JA