Year: 2009 Source: Journal of Personality Disorders, v.23, no.2, (April 2009), p.201-210 SIEC No: 20100681

This study used data on 810 civil psychiatric patients from the MacArthur Violence Risk Assessment Project to examine the relationships between scores on the 4 dimensions of the Psychopathy Checklist: Screening Version & suicide attempts & nonsuicidal self-injurious behaviour. Results indicate only the antisocial dimension of psychopathy is associated with suicide attempts. With regard to nonsuicidal self-injurious behaviour, an interaction was found such that, among African Americans, nonsuicidal self-injurious behaviour was more prevalent at higher levels of antisociality. Present findings refine results from studies using the 2-factor model & have important implications for the assessment of suicide risk. (27 refs.)