Year: 2004 Source: Journal of Adolescence, v.27, no.6, (December 2004), p.611-624 SIEC No: 20100678

This study examined the influence of depression & self-esteem on suicidal behaviour in adolescence. 939 Grade 8 & 11 students in Cape Town, South Africa completed questionnaires assessing suicide ideation & behaviour, depression, & self-esteem with respect to family, peers, school, sports/athletics, body image, & global self-worth. Data were analysed using a series of multinomial logistic regression models. Results indicated depression & low self-esteem in the family context were independently associated with suicide ideation & attempts. Moreover, low family self-esteem significantly differentiated suicide attempters from ideators. Screening for depression & low self-esteem in the family context is discussed as a possible strategy for help to identify adolescents at risk for suicide attempts. (40 refs.)