Year: 2010 Source: MJA, v.192, no.4, (February 15, 2010), p.184-187 SIEC No: 20100669

The rate & risk of suicide & accidental fatal drug overdose in individuals who had been medically ascertained as having been sexually abused during childhood was determined. Forensic medical records of 2759 victims who were assessed between 1964-1995 were obtained & linked with coronial data representing a follow-up period of up to 44 years. 21 cases of fatal self-harm were recorded. Relative risks for suicide & accidental fatal overdose among child sexual abuse victims, compared with age-limited national data for the general population, were 18.09 & 49.22, respectively. Relative risks were higher for female victims. Abuse victims who died as a result of self-harm were predominantly aged in their 30s at the time of death & most had had contact with the public mental health system. (22 refs.) JA