Year: 2009 Source: Military Medicine, v.174, no.10, (October 2009), p.1019-1023 SIEC No: 20100665

Standardized active duty Air Force suicide rates were measured indirectly for the study period, 1990-2004. The standardized mortality ratios adjusted for age, gender, & ethnicity were: all enlisted personnel, 0.64 & all officers, 0.14. Adjusted for age & ethnicity, the standardized mortality ratios were: enlisted men, 0.63; enlisted women, 0.95; officer men, 0.12; & officer women, 0.67. There were significant deficits of suicides in overall enlisted personnel & in overall officers. When analyzed further by gender & rank, there were significant deficits only in enlisted men & officer men. Suicide mortality in enlisted & officer women was not significantly less compared to their general population counterparts. (22 refs.) JA