Year: 2010 Source: Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association, v.60, no.5, (May 2010), p.338-341 SIEC No: 20100507

This study highighted the demographic profile, examined methods of self-inflicted burns, & explored precipitating factors in Jamshoro, Pakistan over a period of 8 years. 154 cases with self-inflicted burns were divided into 2 groups: sucide attempters & self-immolators. Self-immolators were considerably younger than suicide attempters. Males dominated in the self-immolators group while females outnumbered males among suicide attempters. The mean total body surface area affected was significantly higher in suicide attempters. The mortality among suicide attempters was 33.65 percent. Radical changes in socioeconomic conditions are said to be reflected in the increased prevalence of self-inflicted burns. (25 refs.) JA