Year: 2009 Source: European Journal of Psychiatry, v.23, no.4, (2009), p.203-213 SIEC No: 20100478

This study aimed to determine the clinical features that can identify people with high parasuicide purpose among a parasuicidal population. 48 persons who had a parasuicide episode 2-6 years prior were interviewed & followed-up for 2 years. At follow-up, 8 people had repeated at least one parasuicidal act. A higher significant difference was found between repeaters & non-repeaters on final scores on the Beck Hopelessness Scale. In the repeaters group, the average value on the Plutchick Impulsivity Scale tended to be lower than in the non-repeaters, although the difference was not significant. A high percentage related negative events to their suicide attempt, more often these events were relationship problems. (50 refs.) JA