Year: 2010 Source: Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, v.55, no.6, (June 2010), p.369-376 SIEC No: 20100457

Age-standardized mortality rates & rate ratios were calculated for a broadly representative sample of Canadian men & women, age 30-69 years, in 5 categories of skill level & 80 specific occupational groups, as well as for people not occupationally active. The suicide mortality rate was 20.1 per 100,000 person years for occupationally active men (during 9,600,000 person years of follow-up) & 5.3 per 100,000 person years for occupationally active women (during 8,100,000 person years of follow-up). Among occupationally active men, elevated rates of suicide mortality were observed for 9 occupational groups & protective effects for 6 occupational groups. For women, elevated suicide rates were observed in 4 occupational groups & no protective effects were observed. Prevention strategies should continue to emphasize the restriction & accessibility of lethal means. (42 refs.) JA