Year: 2009 Source: Bipolar Disorders, v.11, no.7, (November 2009), p.766-771 SIEC No: 20100441

In this propsective observational study of 116 individuals with bipolar disorder, the authors examined the association between smoking & suicidality as measured by Linehan’s Suicide Behaviors Questionnaire & prospective suicide attempts over a 9-month period. Impulsivity was measured. Smoking was associated with higher baseline Suicide Behaviors Questionnaire scores in univariate & adjusted analyses but was not significant after statistical adjustment for impulsivity in a regression model. A higher proportion of smokers at baseline made a suicide attempt during the follow-up period compared to nonsmokers. Smoking at baseline also significantly predicted a higher Suicide Behaviors Questionnaire score at 9 months. (26 refs.) JA