Year: 2008 Source: Psychiatry Investigations, v.5, no.2, (June 2008), p.86-93 SIEC No: 20100382

368 Korean college students participated in this cross-sectional observational study. Recent (over 2 weeks) suicide ideation & lifetime suicide attempts were recorded. Sociodemographic variables were assessed & psychopathology measured. A hierarchical multiple logistic regression analysis was used to identify the significant risk factors related to suicide ideation & attempts. The 2-week prevalence of suicide ideation was 9.8% & lifetime prevalence of suicide attempts was 3.3%. Students who had more severe depression, a higher probability of bipolar disorder, & decrement of academic achievement were more likely to have suicide ideation. The risk factors identified for suicide attempts were socioeconomic status & probability of bipolar disorder. Results suggest early identification & management of mood disorders & other sociodemographic risk factors may have implications for intervention & prevention. (62 refs.)