Year: 2002 Source: Journal of Urban Health, v.79, no.1, (March 2002), p.26-38 SIEC No: 20100323

This study sought to determine whether measures of firearm availability are related to rates of suicide, homicide, & unintentional firearm deaths among American women. Pooled cross-sectional time series data on suicide, homicide, & unintentional firearm deaths (1988-1997) were used to estimate the association between the rate of violent death among women & 4 proxies of firearm availability. The increased rate of suicide & homicide in states with high gun levels was accounted for primarily by significantly elevated firearm suicide & firearm homicide rates. Unintentional firearm death rates were also increased in states with more guns. At the regional level, qualitatively similar results were obtained. (44 refs.)

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