Year: 2010 Source: CMAJ, v.182, no.6, (April 6, 2010), p.569-572 SIEC No: 20100310

This study examined whether there is an association between parity & risk of death by suicide among women. The study cohort consisted of 1,292,462 Taiwanese women who had a first live birth between January 1978-December 1987. The women were followed up from the date of their first birth to December 2007. Cox proportional hazard regression models were used to estimate hazard ratios of death from suicide associated with parity. There were 2252 suicides during 32,464,187 person-years of follow-up. After adjusting for age at first birth, marital status, years of schooling, & place of delivery, the adjusted hazard ratio was 0.61 among women with 2 lives births & 0.40 among those with 3 or more live births, compared with women who had one live birth. A significantly decresing trend in adjusted hazard ratios of suicide with increasing parity was observed. (29 refs.)