Year: 2009 Source: Crisis, v.30, no.4, (2009), p.186-191 SIEC No: 20100298

Trends in beverage-specific alcohol sales per capita & suicide rates from 1970-2005 in Russia were analyzed employing time-series analysis. Results suggested a 1-litre increase in overall alcohol sales would result in a 4% increase in the male suicide rate & a 2.8% increase in the female suicide rate. A 1-litre increase in vodka sales would increase the suicide rate by 9.3% for men & by 6% for women. This study replicates findings from other settings which suggest suicide rates tend to be more responsive to changes in distilled spirits consumption per capital than to the total level of alcohol consumption. The outcomes also provide support for the hypothesis that suicide & alcohol are closely connected in cultures where an intoxication-oriented drinking pattern prevails. (38 refs.)