Year: 2009 Source: Crisis, v.30, no.3, (2009), p.144-152 SIEC No: 20100291

This study reviews literature on the relationship between sports spectatorship & suicidal behaviour to ascertain whether sports spectatorship has an impact on suicidal behaviour, either increasing the risk or being a protective factor. PubMed/MEDLINE & PsycINFO searches were done & 9 studies, published between 1986-2006, were identified. Results indicate sports events can have an impact on suicide mortality & morbidity, but this relationship seems to be mediated by age, gender, marital status, & alcohol consumption, as well as the process & outcome of the game. There is some evidence sports events can reduce the rates of suicide on the societal level but there is a lack of studies exploring this relationship in individuals. (63 refs.)