Year: 2009 Source: Crisis, v.30, no.2, (2009), p.98-101 SIEC No: 20100282

Epidemiologic characteristics of suicidal behaviour by burns in the province of Fars, Iran are described. A prospective population-based study was conducted from March 2005-March 2006. A total of 125 patients were identified, respresenting an overall incidence rate of 4.3 per 100,000 population. Females had a higher rate of suicidal behaviour by burns than males. The age-specific rate peaked at age 20-29 years. The rate was higher among single persons. Single males aged 20-39 years & married women aged 15-29 years were at greatest risk of suicidal behaviour by burns. The most common precipitating factor was a quarrel with a significant other. (13 refs.)