Year: 2009 Source: Crisis, v.30, no.1, (2009), p.39-42 SIEC No: 20100271

This study examined the clinical utility of the Kessler K10 psychological distress score as an indicator of suicide ideation. Suicide ideation was assessed on the basis of 4 relevant questions in the General Health Questionnaire; these were subsequently analyzed against the K10 scores. Data were collected using a risk-factor surveillance system where each month a representative random sample of Soputh Australians over the age of 16 were interviewed. Cumulative data covered the period 2002-2007. Psychological distress & suicide ideation were reported by 9.9% & 5.1% of the participants, respectively. Univariate analysis demonstrated a positive linear relationship between the K10 score & suicide ideation. Both genders had a 52% probability of experiencing suicide ideation if they fell into the very high distress group. (15 refs.)