Year: 2010 Source: Cambridge, MA: Hogrefe & Huber, (2010). 200p. SIEC No: 20100137

This book highlights theoretical & methdological challenges in suicidology. The contributions that each of the major disciplines have made are discussed & an overview of research & theories in some typical areas is provided. Drawing from this, specific recommendations are made as to what can be done in the future to advance knowledge of suicide & suicide prevention. Chapters include: General Methodological Issues; Psychological Research into Suicide; Psychiatric Research; the Sociological Study of Suicide; Anthropology & Suicide; Studies of Attitudes Toward Suicide; Studies of Sexual Abuse & Suicide; Assessing Suicidal Risk; Fads in Research: Sex Differences in Suicidal Behaviour; Studies of Suicide Relationships; Suicide Notes & Other Personal Narratives; Studies of the Suicidal Personality; & Typologies.