Year: 2010 Source: American Journal of Medical Genetics Part B, v.153B, no.1, (January 5, 2010), p.208-213 SIEC No: 20100036

This study examined 840 functional single nucleotide polymorphisms of 312 brain function & development genes using data mining techniques. 277 male psychiatric patients, aged 18 years & older, were recruited at a University hopsital psychiatric emergency room or psychiatric short-stay unit. The main outcome measure was history of suicide attempts. 3 single nucleotide polymorphisms of three genes (rs10944288, HTR1E; hCV8953491, GABRP; & rs-707216, ACTN2) correctly classified 67% of male suicide attempters & non-attempters. The odds ratio for the combined three single nucelotide polymorphisms was 4.60. The model’s accuracy sggests that in the future similar methodologies may generate simple genetic tests with diagnostic utility in the identification of suicide attempers. (31 refs.)