Year: 2009 Source: North American Journal of Medical Sciences, v.1, no.3, (August 2009), p.142-147 SIEC No: 20090859

This study updates data on the prevalence of suicide in Jamaica, makes comparisons with international data, provides age-gender data on those who die by suicide, & provides information for public health practitioners to inform policy decisions. The suicide rate averaged 2.26 per 100,000 over the study period. In 2006, the suicide rate for males was 9 times higher than that for females. Among males, the highest rate occurred in the 65-74-year age group & the lowest rate was in the 5-14 age group. The highest rate among females was in the 65-74-year age group. Jamaica’s suicide rate is among the lowest in the world; however, there is a need to formulate a national suicide prevention policy, addressing in particular males & young adults. (28 refs.)