Year: 2009 Source: International Journal of Social Psychiatry, v.55, no.5, (September 2009), p.401-406 SIEC No: 20090843

4 villages in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India that had stopped using chemical pesticides in favour of non-pesticide management were visited to assess any change in suicide incidence before & after discontinuation of chemical pesticides. 4 similar village in the same region that continued to use chemical pesticides were used as controls for comparisons. In the pesticide-free villages there were 14 suicides before the introduction of non-pesticide management & only 3 suicides thereafter. The percentage of suicides not reported to authorities was 47%. The restriction of pesticide availability & accessibility to non-pesticide management has the potential to reduce pesticide suicides, in addition to psychosocial & health interventions. (21 refs.)