Year: 2005 Source: European Psychiatry, v.20, no.2, (March 2005), p.101-109 SIEC No: 20090826

216 patients who had attempted suicide were investigated after 1 month & 178 were followed up again after 12 months. During 1-12 months after the index attempt, 30 patients made another suicide attempt. During 0-1 month, 13 patients had reattempted (early repeaters) & 9 of them also repeated between 1-12 months. Repeaters had more often made 3 or more attempts before the index attempt, they more often were in treatment at the index attempt, & at 1 month they had lower global functioning & higher suicide ideation. In a Cox Regression analysis, 2 predictors for repetition between 1-12 months remained significant: early repetition & a Global Assessment of Functioning score below 49. (42 refs.)