Year: 2008 Source: Journal of Personality Assessment, v.90, no.1, (January 2008), p.36-43 SIEC No: 20090701

The authors examined the weak associations found in research between self-report measures & the Rorschach text from the perspective of Bornstein’s (2002) process dissociation framework. The focus was on associations between self-report measures of psychological distress & their corresponding Rorschach indexes while inspecting the moderating role of self-disclosure. 59 nonpatient Israeli adults participated in a 2-session study in whcch they first completed self-report scales measuring self-disclosure & psychological distress (suicidality, depresison, & loneliness) & then completed the Rorschach test. A convergence between self-report & Rorschach measures was found only among those who were high self-disclosers. (80 refs.)