Year: 2007 Source: European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, v.61, no.1, (January 2007), p.119-122 SIEC No: 20090665

The long-term mortality rate of patients with anorexia nervosa was evaluated in a southern Italy population & compared to the most recent literature. 147 female patients, consecutively admitted from 1994-1997, were re-examined between June-November 2003. Data were compared with 10 other studies published since 1988. 123 deaths in 2240 patients were reported in the literature. Deaths due to suicide, anorexia nevosa-related & anorexia nervosa-unrelated diseases were 1.20, 3.07, & 0.98% respectively. After correcting for unrelated deaths, the mortality rate in this study was 4.27% & 2.72% after the 8-year follow-up. Only 1 death by suicide was recorded. (27 refs.)