Year: 2008 Source: Hong Kong Journal of Psychiatry, v.18, no.4, (2008), p.131-135 SIEC No: 20090639

This study investigated the predictors of repeat suicide attempts in first-ever attempters. Interviews were conducted with 348 subjects who were hospitalized following their first-ever suicide attempt. In 293 patients, a follow-up interview was completed after 2 years. The repetition rate at the end of 2 years was 23%. Repeat suicide attempters showed higher levels of baseline depression, hopelessness, & suicide intent. They also had elevated stress scores during the 12 months prior to the attempt & poorer adaptive functioning. The presence of major depression & social maladaptation had a significant predictive value for repeat attempts in first-ever attempters. Treatment of depression should be optimised to minimise the risk of future attempts. (36 refs.)