Year: 2009 Source: East Sussex, UK: Routledge, (2008), p.129-138 SIEC No: 20090259

Suicide: Strategies and Interventions for Reduction and Prevention examines myths about suicide, explores facts and statistics at national and international levels, and uses client cases to uncover thoughts leading to suicidal behaviour. The editor offers an insight into what can be done in the community, and within therapeutic settings when working with this challenging client group. Contributions are divided into four parts, covering: ¥suicide: statistics, research, theory and interventions ¥personal experience of suicide ¥three therapeutic approaches to prevent suicide ¥group interventions. Featuring chapters from a range of experienced practitioners, this book provides a wealth of information on strategies and possible interventions. The addition of a self-harm management plan, assessment checklists, and list of useful organizations makes it essential reading for both mental health professionals, and those in training.