Year: 1995 Source: Annual Meeting of the American Psychological Association, (103rd: New York: August 11-15, 1995), 10p. SIEC No: 20090160

This study addresses 3 questions on adolescent suicidal behaviour: 1) why do some adolescents with psychiatric disorders have a history of suicidal behaviours & some do not? 2) how do intrapsychic & interpersonal underpinnings of adolescent suicidal behaviours differ from patterns of similar behaviour among children & adults? 3) how do pathways of adolescent suicidal behaviour differ for boys & girls? Findings indicate a low level of perceived family support was the only significant predictor of history of suicide attempts among females. Suicide attempts among males were predicted by perceived family support, higher levels of externalizing & internalizing behaviour, & greater age when compared to females.