Year: 2009 Source: European Psychiatry, v.24, no.1, (January 2009), p.41-46 SIEC No: 20090045

A survey was conducted using a sample of 3700 Italian adolescents to examine the impact of time perspective on suicide ideation. Data was obtained using a structured questionnaire in 3 temporal frames: past, present, & future, & the attitude related to each one of them. Data were analyzed using bivariate & multivariate analyses. Overall, 9.2% of the sample reported severe suicide ideation during the past 2 weeks, 7.6% reported moderate suicide ideation. Females were more likely to report severe ideation compared to males. There were no differences regarding age. Differences in time perspective dimensions between moderate & severe ideators suggest these groups should be considered & analyzed as 2 discrete groups in further research. (27 refs.)