Year: 2009 Source: BMC Public Health, v.9, article no.72, (February 2009), p.1-9 SIEC No: 20090002

Trends in both absolute & proportional suicide rates over the period of economic development crisis in South Korea, 1986-2005, were examined as well as in birth cohorts from 1924-1978. Age-standardized suicide rates increased by 98% in men (from 15.3 to 30.3 per 100,000) & by 124% in women (from 5.8 to 13.0 per 100,000). In both genders, the proportional increase in suicide rates was more prominent among the younger group aged under 45, despite the absolute increase being attributed to the older group. There were distinct cohort effects underlying increasing suicide rates, particularly among younger age groups. (37 refs.)