Year: 2008 Source: British Journal of Social Work, v.38, 2008, p.507-530 SIEC No: 20081279

Social workers encounter suicidal clients; however, little is known about social workÕs empirical knowledge base for suicide assessment and treatment. In the first comprehensive study of social workÕs contribution to the suicide literature, the authors conducted systematic electronic and manual searches for suicide research published in peer-reviewed journals by social work investigators for the period 1980Ð2006, with the purpose of ascertaining the state of clinical knowledge related to suicide risk factors and effective treatments. These findings reveal that despite recent increases to the study of suicide by social work researchers, they have contributed limited evidenced-based knowledge in the last twenty-six years on the treatment or prevention of suicide or suicide-related behaviours. The article outlines the risk factors for suicide and discusses the implications for clinical social work practice and research.