Year: 2007 Source: American Journal of Psychiatry, v.164, no.10, (October 2007), p.1530-1538 SIEC No: 20080875

A clinically representative cohort of outpatients with major depressive disorder were treated with citalopram under a standard protocol for up to 14 weeks. DNA samples from 1915 patients were genotyped for 768 single-nucleotide polymorphisms in 68 candidate genes. Allele & genotype frequencies were compared between the 120 participants who developed treatment-emergent suicide ideation & those who did not. Two markers, residing with the genes GRIA3 and GRIK2, were significantly associated with treatment-emergent suicide ideation in this sample. If replicated, findings may shed light on the biological basis on this adverse event & help identify patients at increased risk. (39 refs.)