Year: 2007 Source: Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica, v.115, no.3, (March 2007), p.196-205 SIEC No: 20080821

A second wave of STAR*D (sequenced treatment alternatives to relieve depression study) enrollees included 2541 outpatients with major depressive disorder, divided into preadult (before age 18) & adult (age 18 or later) onset groups. Participants with a preadult onset were younger, ill for longer, & more likely to be women those those with adult onset. After adjusting for age, duration of illness & gender, participants with preadult onset also had higher rates of family history of depression, more past suicide attempts, & lower rates of obsessive compulsive & panic disorder. Preadult onset major depressive disorder may be associated with a more familial form of depression with more suicidality than adult onset major depressive disorder. (37 refs)