Year: 2007 Source: Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica, v.116, no.6, (December 2007), p.429-437 SIEC No: 20080816

Suicidal behaviours, including ideation, plans, & attempts were assessed by face-to-face household interviews among 5201 respondents in Beijing and Shanghai in 2001-2002. Lifetime prevalence & risk factors were examined using multivariate discrete-time survival models. The lifetime prevalence estimates of suicide ideation, plans, & attempts were 3.1%, 0.9%, & 1.0% respectively. Among suicide ideators, the conditional probability of ever making a plan & an attempt was 29.5% & 32.3% respectively. Progression from ideation to plan & attempt was the highest during the first year after onset. Suicide attempts were predicted by young adulthood, being unmarried, recent onset of ideation & plan, & the presence of mental disorders, especially mood disorder. (33 refs.)