Year: 2007 Source: Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica, v.116, no.6, (December 2007), p.419-428 SIEC No: 20080815

The risks of suicidal behaviours in 2826 mood disorder patients were evaluated & followed in a Sardinian mood disorders research centre over the past 30 years. Rates of suicide ideation, attempts, & suicides with associated risk factors were determined in men & women with DSM-IV bipolar I, bipolar II, or major depressive disorders. Male/female risk-ratios were greater for suicide than attempts or ideation. One-third of all reported acts occurred within the first year of illness & earliest among patients with major depressive disorders. Factors associated independently with suicidal acts included bipolar diagnosis, the number of hospitalizations per person, & early illness onset. Factors association with suicide ideation were having an affective temperament, bipolar-II diagnosis, & higher suicidality-corrected depression score at intake. (55 refs.)