Year: 2005 Source: Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica, v.111, no.5, (May 2005), p.384-391 SIEC No: 20080807

Well-established antecedents & correlates of completed suicide were compared with the motives & mechanics reported in Greek mythology. A well-known collection of Greek myths by Hyginus was explored to investigate the mechanics driving an individual to imagine, design, & attempt suicide. Females outnumbered males in the mythographer’s list. Some kind of familial recurrence was accounted for, & a large percentage of these suicides were connected to incest. Shame, guilt, & grief for the death of a loved one were the most frequently reported psychological correlates. Defeat, failure, a catastrophic change in living conditions, &, among females, an unfortunate love affair figured as the main antecedents. (62 refs, 1 appendix)