Year: 2008 Source: Archives of Opthamology, v.126, no.7, (July 2008), p.975-980 SIEC No: 20080725

Relationships between reported visual impairment & suicide were examined using structural equation modelling. Data was gathered from the American annual cross-section multistage area probability surveys, 1986-1999. 200 suicides were identified. After controlling for survey design, age, sex, ethnicity, marital status, number of nonocular health conditions, & self-rated health, the direct effect of visual impairment on death by suicide was elevated but not significant. The approximate indirect effect of visual impairment on death by suicide via poorer self-rated health & number of nonocular health conditions was significant. Results suggest improved treatment of visual impairment & factors causing poor health may potentially reduce suicide risk. (54 refs.)