Year: 2007 Source: British Journal of Psychiatry, v.191, no.2, (August 2007), p.106-112 SIEC No: 20080716

This study assessed the relationship between daily temperature & daily suicide counts in England & Wales between January 1993-December 2003 & established whether heatwaves are associated with increased mortality from suicide. Time-series regression analysis was used to explore & quantify the relationship between daily suicide counts & daily temperature. The impact of two heatwaves on suicide was estimated. No spring or summer peak in suicide was found. Above 18 degrees Celsius, each degree increase in mean temperature was associated with a 3.8 & 5.0% rise in suicide & violent suicide respectively. Suicide increased by 46.9% during the 1995 heatwave, whereas no change was seen dring the 2003 heat wave. (39 refs.)