Year: 2008 Source: Archives of Suicide Research, v.12, no.1, (2008), p.20-29 SIEC No: 20080644

This study examined similarities & differences between 43 adolescent suicide completers, & 171 adolescents with non-fatal suicidal symptoms or who were non-suicidal psychiatric controls in an epidemiologic sample. 18-21-year-old males from the same national military service cohort were identified. Major depression was present in half of those who died by suicide, near-lethal attempters, & ideators, but absent in the other clinical groups, whose most common diagnosis was adjustment disorder. Prior attempts were most common in completers, near-lethal attempters, & those who made suicidal gestures. Findings point to contrasts & similarities between groups of adolescents with different types of suicidal symptoms. (33 refs.)