Year: 2008 Source: Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, v.76, no.1, (February 2008), p.92-103 SIEC No: 20080428

A sample of 143 adolescents, 12-15 years, was assessed during psychiatric inpatient hospitalization & again at 3, 6, 9, 15, & 18 months postdischarge through a series of structured interviews & parent- & adolescent-reported instruments. Latent growth curve analysis revealed a period of suicide ideation remission between baseline & 6-month follow-up, as well as a subtle period of suicide ideation re-emergence between 9 & 18 months postdischarge. Changes in suicide ideation predicted suicide attempts. After accounting for the effects of ideation, baseline suicide threats/gestures also predicted future suicide attempts. (54 refs.)